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Written by Advocates for the Truth • January 2013

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A Brief Introduction: "Scentura Creations Scam!"

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You've probably reached this page because you searched the term Scentura Creations Scam and you're looking for information to determine whether or not Scentura Creations is a legitimate company and provides a viable opportunity.

This page was developed by advocates for the truth regarding Scentura Creations. The information documented on this site has been researched thoroughly and is intended to provide a basic understanding of their business model.

Whether you've recently come across the Scentura Creations opportunity, are a concerned family member or friend of someone that sells their products, or are just curious in general, please read the following sections carefully.

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The "Opportunity"

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Scentura Creations was founded in 1974 by Larry Hahn, and is headquartered in Atlanta, GA. According to their website, they are a manufacturer and distributor of high-quality rendition fragrances to Independent Wholesale Distributors worldwide.

Most Independent Resellers of Scentura's product-line use a Direct Sales strategy, also known as face-to-face selling. While probably not the most glamorous way to sell a product, it's a consistent sales strategy that has been used for over 100 years, and is gaining in popularity. In fact the Direct Selling industry accounts for nearly $30 billion in annual sales, with over 15 million people involved in Direct Selling at any given time.

Find more information and statistics about Direct Selling.

What seems to be unique about Scentura Creations is the fact that their customers (Independent Resellers) aren't required to pay Scentura for the merchandise upfront.

This is interesting because it allows the Reseller access to inventory without a significant capital investment, which is typically the highest cost of entry for any product-based business.

Read more about the Observe' L'Essence product line.

According to a site about Larry Hahn and how he started Scentura, he believed in the idea that "the more people you help become successful, the more successful you'll become," and that this is the reason Scentura provides Resellers with merchandise without any initial investment.

Another point of interest is that many of the Independent Resellers show contractors how to operate a Reseller operation. It's important to note that, by and large, the relationship between the Resellers and contractors is not an Employer / Employee relationship.

So essentially, an individual can learn from a current Reseller of Scentura's products, then apply with Scentura to buy merchandise directly from them, and open their own business selling Scentura's products.

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Online Press

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Scentura Creations has received a fair amount of negative press online, mostly on complaint boards such as,, and to name a few. Having read many of these complaints, it's clear that most are directed at the individual Reseller, rather than Scentura. This is an important distinction because Scentura does not dictate the business practices of Indepdendent Resellers.

Further, it's important to note that these complaint forums do not regulate the information provided, they do nothing to research the validity of consumer complaints, and they make it very difficult to have exaggerated or false information removed.

And quite frankly, how much credibility should be given to online forums that do not censor a complaint submitted with profanity and other distasteful language? Even articles on relatively reputable sites, such as Wikipedia, seem biased and lack a factual foundation.

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Having researched Scentura Creations with the purpose of separating facts from opinions and exaggerations, there's plenty of factual support that Scentura Creations provides a viable opportunity for someone who is willing to learn the Direct Sales business model.

One thing worth highlighting further is the fact that we were unable to find a single instance or scenario where Scentura or any of the Independent Business owners have asked for any kind of purchase or financial investment.

For comparison purposes, we researched other Direct Selling companies and found that most do in fact require some sort of initial purchase or investment to learn their respective business model. Other established Direct Selling companies include Mary Kay, Avon, ACN, Mona Vie, Pampered Chef, and Vector Marketing.

Also worth mentioning is that Scentura currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, which would be virtually impossible if it wasn't a legitimate company.

View Scentura Creations' BBB Report.

Hopefully the information and links contained herein have been helpful towards understanding Scentura Creations, their history, their business model, and the opportunity they provide.

Other websites for further reading have been provided below.

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